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ImageSimplicity is a Wordpress theme that will be released shortly onto the wordpress themes directory. It uses a simple layout that is easy to navigate, which is ideal for bloggers and diaries.



ImagePurpleRune is an RPG game that promises to add a new level of depth never seen before in a game like this. Not only will PurpleRune feature entirely procedural content, but it will also use an ingenious system to allow for an infinitely detailed experience. Meaning that the player can become incredibly immersed in what they’re playing whilst still keeping a streamlined and slick experience. PurpleRune is an ongoing project that was started in December 2012.



TwistPlaying as Twist, the government-funded groundbreaking nano-biological organic experiment you must accomplish the scientific evaluations set for you by government scientists. Your job will be to infiltrate organisations to gather intelligence. Can Twist complete the evaluations of problem solving, dexterity, and agility to prove himself capable of his mission? Twist is Available for both Windows, Mac, and Linux

Released: December 2012

Desura Digital Distribution


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